New superintendent moves to town

New Superintendent Barbara Thompson
New Superintendent Barbara Thompson

Written by: Valorie Lawson - bio | email
Posted by: John Shryock - bio | email

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The new Montgomery school superintendent is settling in to the capital city. Barbara Thompson arrived in town this week and attended her first public event Wednesday morning.

The event was the city's back-to-school breakfast, and Thompson's presence drew a standing ovation. She says she ready to get down to work. Her first priority will be evaluating the school system's needs.

The Montgomery Public School system's new leader signed a $155,000 contract with the Board of Education earlier in the month. She'll also get to stay in a house owned by the school board for three months as she settles into her role.

In the meantime, she's familiarizing herself with the status of the system's programs and how proration will affect the classroom; issues that will help her make sound recommendations to the board.

"First you have to know exactly what you have. That means looking at the data and looking at systems that are in place," Thompson explained. "I don't think you have a problem executing when you know what you have. The problem comes when you're executing and you're going down the wrong path."

A personal goal of Thompson's is to get to know parents and the business community, but before she does any of that she got to move into town, and she'll likely do most of that this weekend.

Her first official day on the job will be Monday.

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