Dannelly Elementary Teacher is a Class Act

What grade were you in when you could go back and forth between mixed fractions and improper fractions? Second graders at Dannelly Elementary have mastered the skill and give their teacher, Anna Maryland the credit.

"Well it probably took me a couple of weeks, but I know that Ms. Maryland got me to the point where I could memorize it by myself," says Lydia Armstrong.

Even though her students believe they're being pushed harder than a lot of other second graders, they feel she's fabulous; because she's helping them fulfill their potential. Dalvin White says, "I wanted to learn how to write in cursive and I wanted to learn how to read chapter books."

The hallway outside Ms. Maryland's room shows off her students' penmanship and mastery of math, spelling and writing; but she goes beyond academics. "She does things like teaching the children manners. They learn how to use their napkin in the lunchroom...she teaches every aspect of the child," says Dannelly principal Judy Crockett.

Thanks to academic looping, that keeps students with the same teacher for two years, Ms. Maryland had most of these kids as first graders; so they and their parents are used to hard work and the confidence that comes with it.

Maryland says, "this particular class, they just believe they can do anything; and they don't want to do anything on second grade level. They want to know what level is this, you know? It's wonderful, it's a joy to come in this room and teach these children."

This is Ms. Maryland's 35th year of teaching. Many of her students show up 45 minutes early each day; rather than send them to the cafeteria, she gives them extra instruction.

Education Reporter: Michael Briddell