Montgomery Councilman aims for prescription discounts

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Montgomery City Councilman Willie Cook waits with excitement.

"It is a great benefit to the residents of the City of Montgomery.  No cost to the city, and no cost to the residents," Cook explained.

The Capital City will soon consider a measure--sponsored by Cook-- which would put a special prescription card in the hands of uninsured and underinsured residents.

The cards would give them some deep discounts at the pharmacy.

"If you do not have insurance, you can actually get up to 25% discount," Cook said.

"He's not mentioned anything to me about that," said Mayor Todd Strange at a Friday briefing.

While the lines of communication may not be open, city leaders think the concept--part of Montgomery's membership in the National League of Cities--is something to consider.

"It sounds like a program that we ought to make available to the citizens, but we really--it's not a contract with the city to do.  All the city does is say, 'Go do it,'" Strange explained.

Montgomery has yet to vote either way.  Places like Wetumpka and Prattville recently signed on.

"Economic times have pushed [the city's] unemployment rate up about 5%, so the time is right to promote this card, and I'm glad that we're able to offer the service," said Mayor Jim Byard, who also sits on the board of the National League of Cities.

The card is a tool city leaders say could prove useful when times are tough.

"I think that Montgomery's citizens would benefit well by being a part of it," Cook said.

Municipalities who are NLC members already pay dues, so the program is free.

The Montgomery City Council will hear the message next week.

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