Montgomery schools improve AYP scores

Superintendent Barbara Thompson
Superintendent Barbara Thompson

Written by: Eileen Jones - bio | email
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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - In Montgomery County all but five of the public schools made AYP. School administrators still think that's news worth celebrating when considering just five years ago only 19 percent of the schools made AYP.

In 2009 the number jumped to more than 98 percent of schools passing.

It's a week before school opens and teachers and staff are busy getting ready, and so are the principals. Some of them are being greeted with good news. "The first time in quite some years..." said Jefferson Davis High School principal Marie Kostick of her school's achievement.

"I have to say that in the math area we made tremendous strides. And also I want to mention in our special ed, especially with the triple A's, we had scores of four across the board in reading and math, which is the highest you can get," she said.

"Triple A" refers to an alternative test some of those in special education take, and that's the area where Lee High School fell down again. The school has never made AYP. It's not something Principal David Sikes is proud of, but he is happy that the test scores have improved over the years.

"At the time when we got here we were making 3 out of 21 goals, and as we sit today we're making 16 out of 21," Sikes explained.

"You have to understand that Robert E. Lee [High School] has a very large population that is considered severely cognitively disabled," said  Vickie Holloway with the school system.

New superintendent Barbara Thompson is ready to make some changes. "Right now we have a vacancy in the assistant super position for curriculum. So, it gives us a chance to reorganize that whole department somewhat," Thompson said, though she admits "...that whole organizational chart is still up for discussion."

The five schools in Montgomery County, along with Lee, that did not make AYP are the children's center, Hayneville Road Elementary, McIntyre Middle School and FEWS Alternative School.

Some of the schools that made AYP after not making the list last year are Paterson Elementary and Lanier and Jeff Davis high schools.

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