Power lines fall on car In E. Montgomery

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - You could say it's been an 'electrifying' welcome to Montgomery for Julie Knight. She just moved here from Abbeville and Thursday while sitting at a stop sign on East Shirley Drive, the power pole beside her snapped and the lines came down, sparks and all. What's more Knight made the risky move to get out of her truck right away.

"I found out later that was very dangerous because the firefighters told me the ground could have been electrocuted, but I'm safe and I thank God," said Knight.

Perhaps no one felt more frightened than Radford Smith. It was his truck that snagged a line and turned everything into a big, snarly mess. Smith says he literally jumped out of his truck.

"I came off the Eastern Boulevard, crossed the service road, heard the noise and looked up and the wires came over the truck. It kind of shook me up a little," said Smith.

That's when Donnie Turner suddenly saw Smith's delivery truck suddenly become bright. "I mean it lit that truck up and the lights around it," said Turner.

The potential danger was very obvious. The power line carried a pretty good load of electricity, supplying power to scores of businesses. In fact, Alabama Power says at one point 75 customers found themselves in the dark, ranging from residents to businesses.

It appears the lines were a little lower than usual. One theory is the summer storm that passed through Wednesday may have knocked a line or two lose, making it easier for Smith's truck to snag it.

In the end though no one got hurt, but what a way to begin the day for Radford Smith. "It's been years since anything like this has happened," he said.

And a new start in a new city for Julie Knight. "What a way to be welcomed!" she said.

The accident happened around 11:30am, and within three hours all 75 customers had their power restored. AT&T says it's in the process of making cable repairs but had to wait until Alabama Power finishes its job.

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