Smelly water cause for concern in Georgiana

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GEORGIANA, AL (WSFA) - Whether you're washing your hands, your clothes, or your car, residents say--every now and then--you can smell it.

"[I thought] a sewage line done busted or something like that. It just smelled like rotten eggs all the time," explained Tony Atkins of Georgiana.

Mayor Mike Middleton says the culprit is hydrogen sulfide,  naturally formed by bacteria in water.

While the water may be okay to use, doing so sure isn't a pleasant experience.

It's not something you want to drink, but you think about it even smelling when you're taking a bath. So it affects every aspect of living," said Cathy Cates, who works in Georgiana.

What's the cause of the problem?

Town leaders say eroding above-ground pipes are clogging the water filters.  That's blocking chlorine--which kills the bacteria--from getting into the water supply.

"We check the tanks every day. And since it's been doing this, we're checking them twice a day," Middleton said.

The problem now?  Money.

Repair work by an outside company would cost the city $2,000.

Middleton says state agencies suggested raising the water bill from $12 to $30 per month to pay for costs.

Residents say the small town couldn't stand the spike.

We have people in this town that have to choose between medicine, groceries, and utility bills," Cates said.

The next best thing is doing it themselves for about $200.

Customers say they welcome any solution.

"I hope they can get it out of the way so we can get rid of this egg smell on the weekends," Atkins said.

The city will purchase the needed parts, and workers hope to make the repairs on Friday.

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