Teachers outfit classrooms using their own money

First grade teacher Amelia Sims saves money by purchasing books at the library.
First grade teacher Amelia Sims saves money by purchasing books at the library.

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Time is running out for teachers like Amelia Sims.

Soon her quiet classroom at Vaughn Road Elementary School will erupt with the sounds of anxious first graders.

"I can only imagine.  They'll probably be hectic...children trying to figure out 'where's my classroom,'" says Sims.

But things are a little different for Sims this year.

She and other teachers are used to getting money to pay for classroom supplies like paper and crayons.

But with 11 percent proration, they'll have to make up the difference.

"I spent $50 dollars roughly yesterday at Office Depot and that was with a coupon," says Sims.

But luckily Sims found a way to lessen the burden and still cover the basics--gently used books she says are just as good as new ones and ten bucks cheaper.

"I purchased this at the library downtown for just a quarter, twenty-five cents."

Administrators say the crunch is actually uniting the staff.

"The veteran teachers have stepped up, they're passing on materials to the new teachers, they're sharing the materials that they have," says Vaughn Road Elementary Assistant Principal, William Milledge, Jr.

They're coming together and all the while making sure they never lose sight of their mission.

"The children have to be educated and that's our main focus," says Milledge.

"I feel like I just try to do the best job I can do to make sure my students get what they need and succeed the best that they can," says Sims.

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