Special session pays off for City of Montgomery

Posted by: Melissa McKinney





MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - "It's a big help for us in August especially," says Bob Booth.

Booth works at the Capitol Inn in downtown Montgomery.  He's used to seeing state legislators come and go.

"Representatives stay here and the lobbyists too....it's just convenient for them."

So when he heard about the special session, he was excited.

"July and August are our slowest times of the year.  People are on vacation, out of town," adds Booth.

Booth says roughly 30 rooms fill up each time the legislature's in session.  A special session is an unexpected windfall for Booth and others.

"They're very excited to see something that brings in more people," says Dawn Hathcock with the Montgomery Chamber of Commerce's Convention and Visitor's Bureau.

The Governor's banking on a speedy session.

"Get in, get out in five days," says Governor Bob Riley.

But Hathcock says even the minimum five-day special session would pay big dividends.

"The economic impact should be around $85,000 to $170,000 depending on the length of the session," says Hathcock.

It's a big return at a crucial time.

"In this economy, anything is good," adds Hathcock.

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