County Road 12 - Mule Wagon

Sugar and spice and everything nice, that's what girls are made of. Not exactly in the case of 14 year old Anne Stanford you have to throw a mule and a wagon into the equation. It's a story only Debbie Williams could find out along County Road 12.

It's not what every little girl grows up wanting, "It took me a while to understand all this stuff." I got him But as long as Anne Standford can remember, it's exactly what she wanted. "I've always wanted one since I've been little," says the teenager,"and I got one." Meet Jumper, a 20 year old red mule. "I named him because he looked like the mule in "Ol Yeller" not because he jumps."

He's the 'mule' Anne has always wanted. "That was really the best Christmas I have ever had and will have for a long time" She could have just about anything she wants, so, why this? "I love it. It's fun." Maybe it's hereditary. It was a way of life for her father. "He had mules named Daisy and I think Charlie," and now it's her favorite thing to do in the world. "Everything gets off my mind when I drive Jumper." She's taken some ribbing from classmates. "It just goes in one ear and out the other cause I enjoy what I do and everybody's different."

She lives a different kind of life from most of them. "I like the city too it has it's advantages malls. Food being right there at you and being out here in the country you have to go 30 miles just to get to the nearest grocery store." A country life."I wouldn't trade it for anything in this world." Nothing wrong with that, especially when you can take long rides along a dirt road with one of your best friends. "He's been my buddy. He's a sweet mule. I just enjoy being around him and he seems to enjoy being around me."