President reformulates health care pitch

President Obama in New Hampshire Tuesday to talk health care.
President Obama in New Hampshire Tuesday to talk health care.

With passions rising over the issue of health care reform and Democrat's public meetings being disrupted across the nation, President Obama held a quiet health care town hall in Portsmouth, New Hampshire Tuesday.

There he began calling his initiative by a new name: Insurance reform.

President Obama went to New Hampshire to reformulate the health care pitch that's taken a beating in the latest polls.

"Getting a good deal from the insurance company.  That's what I'm fighting for," he told the crowd.

He promised no ban on preexisting conditions, no hiking rates or fees, no canceling insurance if you get sick.

Outside, were pro-Obama demonstrators and opponents, some with nasty signs and one wearing a handgun. Police were aware, but explained the man was within his rights.

Back inside the President attempted to knock down what he described as "wild rumors" including euthanasia of senior citizens.

Participants weren't screened but none disrupted. Separate town halls held by Pennsylvania's Arlen Specter and Missouri's Claire McCaskill weren't as orderly.

Protesters deny that the outrage is the work of Republican organizers.