BB&T leaders moving forward after Colonial Bank take over

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - You may still see Colonial Bank signs around Montgomery, but soon that will change.

It's business as usual at some old Colonial Bank locations around Montgomery.

Just one day after the bank went under, customers were back in line at the teller machine--many showing little concern their bank didn't make it.

"I put money in.  Everything's fine," says one Colonial, now BB&T customer.

Less than 24 hours after Colonial Bank failed, visitors to the bank on Saturday only noticed one change, a sign on doors and windows introducing them to the new name of BB&T.

The sign welcomes Colonial clients to the new BB&T family.

But when will folks start to see this new name pop up on buildings?

BB&T Banking Network Manager Ricky Brown says those changes are coming slowly but surely.

"You will begin to see a few things begin to change soon, but it will take some time in order for all the changes to go through," says Brown.

As Colonial Bank phases out BB&T is faced with big decisions--like what to do with the new Colonial BancGroup headquarters in Montgomery built just a few years ago?

"We will see if it fits what we need," says Brown.

And what about Colonial bank employees?

"We'll have to do a complete evaluation in the home office to determine what we need and how many people we'll need to do that," Brown adds.

Brown says the company would like to keep as many employees as possible, all the while developing a close relationship with the City of Montgomery.

"We will have our people involved in the community just like you have seen in Colonial. And I think that Montgomery will absolutely welcome BB&T."

It's a change some customers are already embracing.

"As long as they keep my money in one place, I guess I'll be happy with it," says Colonial, now BB&T customer, Hunner Smith.

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