City prepares for tropical storm Claudette and urges residents to take precautions

Downtown Montgomery visitors hustle inside after a rain shower catches many off guard.
Downtown Montgomery visitors hustle inside after a rain shower catches many off guard.

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The first few signs of tropical storm Claudette touched down on downtown Montgomery Sunday afternoon.

"The rain just came out of nowhere!" says one downtown visitor.

A five minute rain shower caught many by surprise.

"[I] came in for a little water and restroom break, and five minutes later I walk out and we got a monsoon flood right here," says Birmingham resident, Stevie Ray Moore.

It left others wondering if worse weather was on its way.

"I'm kinda worried about how the weather's going to be when I get up to go to work," says Troy resident, John Vincitore.

As tropical storm Claudette travels through the state,  Montgomery city leaders say they'll be prepared for whatever she might bring.

"We're doing our routine preventative maintenance for things like this, making sure vehicles are topped off with fluids, and we have barricades readily accessible if we need to block streets, crews on stand-by...tree crews, traffic engineering," says Montgomery County EMA Director, Steve Jones.

Jones says residents can do their part to keep safe by making sure flashlights and weather radios have batteries. Also, if your power goes out, take necessary precautions to go without it for eight hours.   Finally, if there are tornado watches and warnings, stay in the middle of your house.

Jones says keeping safe is a team effort at a time when severe weather often strikes.

"We're going to look out for the citizens and the citizens can look out for each other.  So we just make sure we're prepared...which we are."

Jones encourages any residents to report damage like fallen trees and power lines by calling 911.

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