Rep. Bright talks health care reform

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Fresh off his trip to the Middle East, Congressman Bobby Bright paid a visit to the Institute for Patient Safety and Simulation in south Montgomery. Before starting his tour at the clinic, Congressman Bright weighed in on President Barack Obama's apparent willingness to give up the fight for the public health insurance option.

"This was a smart move because he realizes he doesn't have the votes," said Bright.

During his interview with WSFA 12 News Congressman Bright never answered the question of whether he himself plans to sponsor legislation to reform health care. He's been on the record as saying 'no' to the current proposals out there but that may be changing.

"For example, there's one plan in Senate that I think we'll take a look at. It seems to be a middle of the road proposal that maybe we can all agree on," said Congressman Bright.

Still, some prominent Democrats like former Democratic National Chairman Howard Dean hope the President will stick with the public option calling it necessary  for reform.

Back on tour at the clinic, Congressman Bright believes if President Obama does in fact take the government-run insurance proposal off the table, Bright thinks that dramatically increases the chances of Congress passing a new health care bill this fall.

Only time will tell.

One fact that won't change in the health care debate. Nearly 50 million people reportedly don't have any health insurance.

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