Judge sentences man in Bryan Martin murder

ELMORE CO. (WSFA) - A judge in Elmore County has sentenced a man connected to the 2007 capital murder of Bryan Martin.

RonDarrell Williams will spend the next 13 years behind bars for his role in the killing of Martin, who was gunned down as he came out of the Millbrook Wal-Mart.

Factoring in time already served Williams will be eligible for parole in just three years.

Just days before he was to go on trial, Williams pleaded guilty to driving convicted murderer Calvin McMillan to the Wal-Mart where McMillan murdered Martin so he could steal his truck.

Williams' guilty plea and testimony from that night became a key piece of evidence for the prosecution during the McMillan trial.

Williams' attorneys and the district attorney's office say they are pleased with the sentence.

For his role in the murder, McMillan will receive the death penalty.