Blount pleads guilty to bribery, conspiracy

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (AP) - A Montgomery investment banker accused of bribing Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford has pleaded guilty in a deal that requires him to cooperate with prosecutors.

Appearing in a Tuscaloosa federal courtroom, William Blount on Tuesday admitting giving Langford thousands of dollars in exchange for Langford using his influence to send millions of dollars in bond financing business to Blount.

Langford was on the Jefferson County Commission at the time.

Blount pleaded guilty to bribery and conspiracy. For his help, prosecutors agreed to recommend a sentence of 4 years, three months in prison. Blount will also forfeit $1 million.

Blount is the second Langford co-defendant to plead guilty.

Langford is set for trial on federal bribery charges on Aug. 31. He says he is innocent and won't resign.

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