Lasserre murder suspect free, victim's husband shocked

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Jeff Lasserre never saw it coming. "I was in shock. I couldn't believe it," he said.

Lasserre was certain Autauga County authorities and ABI agents had the right man when they arrested 45-year old Clifford Wynn late last year. From all indications the case appeared to have been proceeding along the normal legal track with Lasserre watching when the Autauga County Grand Jury delivered a bombshell; no murder indictment against Wynn, lack of evidence, nothing that specifically tied Wynn to the actual murder of Patricia Wynn.

Reporter: "Did the grand jury get it right?"

"I was relieved that they had initially arrested somebody and hoping that was the person, but this was a letdown," Lasserre said.

"At the time they had sufficient grounds to arrest but not enough to indict. There's always something out there. Just a question of when we'll get it. There is other evidence, other things going on," said District Attorney Randall Houston.

'Other things going on' meaning the investigation is still very much alive and even Jeff Lasserre gets the sense authorities aren't backing down. Lasserre is now beginning to wonder if more than one person was involved in his late wife's death, although he declined to say why he feels that way.

"In my mind there's more than one person and the missing link is the other person," said Lasserre.

What is not in doubt is what happened that December night in 2005. Patricia Lasserre was on her way back home from work in Clanton but never made it. Investigators found Lasserre's body near her SUV. Cause of death? Strangulation. Mrs. Lasserre died just two miles away from her home.

"Back to square one," said Lasserre.

The motive is still not clear but Jeff Lasserre believes his wife probably stopped to assist someone she thought needed help on County Road 1 deep in Autauga County.

WSFA 12 News tried to get in contact with Clifford Wynn but court records show he has no listed phone number. 12 News also couldn't reach his attorney.

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