Heated health care debate reaches Montgomery

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - From a distance it looked like a civilized protest. That perception did not change when we got closer but inside the group you could hear the voice of irritation of Becky Gerritson.

"If he (Congressman Bobby Bright) is not willing to meet with us, how can he represent us 800 miles away in Washington," Gerritson said.

Gerritson was unhappy with Congressman Bobby Bright for not meeting with them to talk about health care in front of  Bright's congressional office in downtown Montgomery.

"What they have to realize is I have a tight schedule. They never called to set up a meeting," said Congressman Bright.

Not true according to Gerritson who claims they tried for a week now to set up an appointment with Mr. Bright. Meantime, the bickering over a meeting is about the only thing that divides the protestors and the congressman.

"I've been a 'no' vote since day one," said Congressman Bright regarding his stand on the current slate of health care reform proposals.

Protestors acknowledge Bright's 'no' votes but they want to make sure Congressman Bright continues to vote 'no' and not crumble under political pressure.

To drive home that point they all went in Bright's office one by one and handed over slips of signed paper insisting he vote 'no' to any bill they believe doesn't make health care affordable to all Americans.

Alinda Kuertz says reform is needed but the government-run option is absolutely not the way to go.

"If had to go on a waiting list, I don't think I'll get any medical care in time,' said Kuertz.

"We have a list of 5 or 6 things that would drive down health care costs. One example is tort reform. That would reduce health care costs by 25%," said Gerritson.

More than a few say they're worried sick over the debate of health care reform.

"I'm going to fight to the end," Kuertz said.

A fight that shows no sign of letting up.

The battle over reform goes far beyond Alabama. It's estimated that more than 46 million Americans have no health insurance.

This same group of protestors is planning a bus ride to Washington, D.C. next month to march against the proposals circulating now to reform health care.

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