City still on track for more red light cameras

Posted by: Melissa McKinney - bio | email

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Before long, you're going to see more red light cameras at intersections around town.

Despite tough times for city coffers, the camera program isn't affected.

They're totally funded by the citations that are paid by the people who break the law," says Michael Briddell, with the City of Montgomery.

Seven intersections in Montgomery have been up and running with cameras for more than a year now.

But it's time for phase two--cameras at the Eastern Boulevard and Vaughn Road and East Chase Parkway and Taylor Road.

"This is a location that we're very eager to get some cameras in place so that we can hopefully reduce the number of people that run those red lights and possibly prevent an accident from happening," says Briddell.

City leaders say just having one camera at an intersection like East Boulevard and Vaughn Road creates a ripple effect--prompting drivers to be even more cautious as they go through other intersections along the same stretch.

"If it can change motorists' mind at that intersection, perhaps it'll change his or her mind at all intersections," adds Briddell.

Leaders say they've seen the average number of red light runners decrease by two hundred.

Many motorists claim they aren't letting the cameras catch them.

"I've kinda noticed it changed my habits at the other lights that don't have it either," says Prattville resident, Calvin Fluker.

"I'm a careful driver anyway.   I haven't had a ticket in over 25-30 years," says Montgomery resident, Wincie Thomas.

As the city works to put more up, they're also taking some down--like the camera at Fairview Avenue and Norman Bridge Road in West Montgomery.

"The statistics show that there's not a problem there, so we'll move that camera to a different location," says Briddell.

The city is working with the Department of Transportation to see where to place the cameras along the Boulevard and Vaughn Road.

They say they're always monitoring where more should go.

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