Evergreen mayor finally named? Decision 2008 continues

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EVERGREEN, AL (WSFA) - At his car business in Evergreen Pete Wolfe is in the driver's seat to become the city's next mayor. However, he's not there just yet.

"It's not that simple. We'll follow the process and then move in," said Wolfe.

The Conecuh County Circuit Court did declare Wolfe the winner, 10 months and two court hearings after allegations of illegal voting on both sides last year.

"This case was thoroughly looked at and I thought Judge Edward McDermott did a good job," said Wolfe.

On election night Wolfe was ahead by two votes but when the election was certified Mayor Larry Fluker was ahead by two votes. Wolfe took the matter to court. At first 400 votes were in question. In the end many ballots were tossed out because in many cases the signatures on the application didn't match up with the signatures on the affidavit

At the Evergreen city hall, the mayor is refusing to accept the court's decision.

"I am appealing," said Mayor Larry Fluker.

Convinced he has a shot at reversing the court's order, Mayor Fluker declined to confirm reports around town that a new legal team is heading up the appeals process.

"Certainly if I didn't feel I was the winner from the time the challenge began I would not have waged this 10 month defensive battle," said Mayor Fluker.

The people of Evergreen have waited 10 months for this case to be resolved. Now the mayor is asking they wait a little longer, calling for patience and calm.

"I'm ready for this to be over immediately and I've talked to blacks and whites," said Evergreen businessman Floyd Coker.

Sallie Thomas on the other hand says Mayor Fluker has the right to appeal and that her 'patience is not wearing thin.'

By appealing Mayor Fluker will remain in office until the appeals process runs its course. The mayor's race in Evergreen; the court says Pete Wolfe won while the incumbent isn't giving up.

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