From Chef to TV star?

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Dadeville, AL (WSFA) -  So you think you can cook?   Maybe you should take a trip up to Lake Martin and compare your stuff with Christopher Paulk's menu.   He owns a restaurant right on the water called Christopher.    But he wasn't always on the lake and he didn't always dream of cooking up great meals.

Paul originally wanted to be an actor.    "I did soap operas, theater, I was on NBC's "Homicide on the Streets", but I murdered someone and got put in jail, didn't last long.,"  Paulk said.   So he weaseled his way into the kitchen and eventually wound up at culinary school in New York.    He was working in Atlanta, when he got a call, it's was time to go out on his own.   He bought at grill and bar along the beach and was doing fine until Ivan wiped him out.    So Christopher moved to Auburn and opened up another restaurant.  He did well and then several months ago he decided to move to the Lake.    That's where you'll find the new Christopher. so     "My philosophy is to serve the finest food every night, every plate, if something goes wrong I literally lose sleep."

Ironically this once aspiring actor might make it back to the small screen thanks to his ability in the kitchen.    A producer from New York came out and put together a demo reel of Christopher in action.   Now their shopping him around to Food TV shows as a possible host.     "I couldn't host a TV show like Leno, Letterman, or Conan, but I can chop up some onions and make it look good.    I mean I've got a belly."

His ability to please other bellies might get him on camera again.  Until then he's happy serving up his magical meals on the lake.   Check out his website if you want more information.

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