Protestors gather at Rep. Bright's Dothan office

Posted by: Daniel Curtis - bio | email

DOTHAN, AL (WSFA) - Protestors gathered outside Congressman Bobby Bight's office in downtown Dothan Tuesday.

After a similar protest in Montgomery last week the group decided to repeat action in the wiregrass.

Around a dozen people line the street outside Congressman Bobby Bright office in downtown Dothan.

Standing silent the group of protesters wanted to express their concerns and requests for the congressman to hold a live town hall meeting.

"We feel like with Dothan being such a large city in his district we believe that he needs to give us a chance to have one voice and speak with him openly," says Valerie Wise, a spokesperson for the group.

Their signs express disagreement with the current overhaul of healthcare.

"I've been a 'no' since day one," said Congressman Bright.

Speaking for the group, Valerie Wise says they all want to make sure Congressman Bright continues to vote against the current healthcare bill as it stands.

"We need to know what is in each of them and we need to know if he knows what is in each of them and what he is voting on and know what he is going to do in the future and if he is supporting any of those bills and what he would vote yes on," says Wise.

Wise says the group hopes to earn a live town hall meeting in the future.

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