Missile maker brings more jobs to Ala.

The new production line will produce the Javelin missile.
The new production line will produce the Javelin missile.

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TROY, AL (WSFA) - By design Lockheed Martin has always been a rather secluded place. Located more than 2 miles off Highway 231 in Pike County, a non-descript sign pointing the way.

Today though company leaders and dignitaries happily and openly celebrated during a ribbon cutting the new production line that will produce the Javelin missile.

The Javelin itself is not new. It's a shoulder-launched missile and it's been around for 10 years. The funding to produce the Javelin had been cut off but now that Congress has restored funding, production is well underway to build more missiles. That means 14 new jobs. Some people have already been hired.

The U.S. Army's contract with Lockheed Martin calls for the company branch in Pike County to make 30 Javelin missiles a month for a total of more than 2,200.

Lockheed Martin declined to say how much the contract is worth.

The additional 14 people will bring Lockheed Martin's total employment in Pike County to more than 200.

Military officials say the Javelin targets tanks and it allows the gunner to quickly move away once the missile is fired.

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