Cemetery gets much needed clean-up

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Jessie Davis wipes fresh grass clippings from his mother's grave in Lincoln Cemetery just hours after city workers transformed it from an overgrown mess to a freshly mowed lawn.

It was a WSFA 12 News story that brought Davis to the cemetery in the first place.

"I saw it on the news and of course my mom is always on my mind," says Davis.

Now, he's pleased with what he sees.

"Maybe I can rest tonight because something has been done."

Before the grass was cut you could hardly tell Lincoln Cemetery was a cemetery. Now, it actually looks like one, but the question still remains, how long will it last?

"Think about all the grass and weeds all around here.   Dead flowers, pots, graves caved in...it shouldn't be like that," says Davis.

City leaders say the cemetery is on private property, so they can't touch it unless it poses a health and safety hazard.

"We step in when things get to an extreme," says Montgomery Deputy Mayor, Jeff Downes.

They say taking over the maintenance isn't exactly a good way to cut costs with revenues low.

But, it's not out of the question.

"We'll review it, we'll have discussions, so I guess the bottom line to that is never say never.   But right now, it's not our responsibility," adds Downes.

But Davis isn't waiting.  He's taking that responsibility into his own hands.

"If it takes for me and my relatives to come clean up our mother and aunt's grave, I would do that and make other people follow behind that."

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