Dallas County H.S. Teacher is a Class Act

"If they (my students) have a positive response it makes me feel good that I have done something for them," says teacher Patricia Wyatt. She gives of herself a lot at Dallas County High School. The student council, the yearbook and the prom are just some of the activities she sponsors.

Assistant principal Allen Shelton says of Wyatt, "she's the kind of teacher that stays here late after school and any kind of extra-curricular activity, she's always there to lend a hand....Anything you need, you can always go to Ms. Wyatt; she's willing to help."

Part of her dedication is because she graduated from Dallas County High; another part is she simply loves her job and her students.

Wyatt says, "if you're here everyday and the children know that you're involved in these activities they're a little bit more confident to become involved in activities. And if they're comfortable with you they will be come involved."

Wyatt spends part of her day teaching remediation work for the graduation exam; but also gets kids ready for college with advanced English. 11th grader Cassie Newman says, "it is challenging, you have to work hard and really concentrate and pay attention to everything. It's not easy but it's fun though still."

Wyatt spends two hours each school day driving between her home and Dallas County High.

Education Reporter: Michael Briddell