Montgomery woman says bye to husband, belongings

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - It wasn't exactly what Jessica Sanders expected to see at 4:30 Sunday morning.

"When I walked in, I'm like 'oh my god,'" she says.

Sanders had just come off a 14-hour drive from Kansas seeing her husband, Jonathan, off before he goes to Iraq for a year.

It's the second time he's been deployed.

Coming home without him is hard enough.  But, coming home to a burglarized home was even worse.

"It's like a piece of my heart got ripped out and thrown on the floor and now I'm trying to find it somewhere," says Sanders.

Sanders says the suspects took more than $30,000 worth of TVs, jewelry, gaming systems, and computer equipment.

"This is the Wii...and there's nothing left but the box," says Sanders.

Now, she has a ransacked home and she's alone.

"I cannot sleep here.  It's probably going to be a week or two," she adds.

Sanders doesn't know why or how someone got into to her second floor apartment.  But, she's hoping her neighbors do.

"I truly believe somebody had to hear something. If it wasn't them breaking the window and hearing the glass fall, it was them taking that huge TV down the stairs."

There's one person, though, who won't know--her husband.

"I'm going to tell him but I'm going to make sure he's on the other side of the world before I tell him."

The last thing she wants is Jonathan worrying about her safety.

But, even she questions it.

"It's like God, whatever you your magic because I need your prayers, hands, everything. Because I can't do it by myself."

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