Bird House Man

Posted by: Judd Davis - bio | email

Notasulga, AL (WSFA) - It's really just a bunch of scraps.   Old wood, bottle caps, and more fill up the back porch at Sam Cheek's home in Notasulga.    Somehow he takes this junk and turns it into gems.      "I just make them up I really don't have any plans," Cheek said.   He's referring to the elaborate bird houses he makes.

A lot of these bird houses tell a story.   "They are all made from recycled material and on the back I like to write where the wood came from, this is from Chattanooga, Tennessee."

Perhaps his best seller, the small music box bird house.   He has buyers all over the world.    "Over the years I've sold pieces in Korea, Guam, and Germany.   I don't know how they found me."    They found him in Notasulga, Alabama.    He's right across from the post office and would love to see you stop on by.

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