Editorial: Alfa Contributions

Alfa's one thousand employees at the company's Montgomery headquarters deserve a big thank you from our community and so do their corporate leaders.

Both set the bar high for all businesses in our community this week in the current United Way campaign drive by pledging even more than they contributed last year.

That's impressive, considering Alfa led the campaign with more than $800,000 in contributions last year - a sizeable portion of the 5.5 million dollars collected.

BB&T, a new member of our community, also stepped up this past week with a corporate donation of $100,000 to this year's campaign.

This generosity is vital, assisting nearly 50 service organizations in our community.

The needs are greater than ever in our area.

The support we provide individually and as businesses reflect the generous spirit of our community.

We encourage all businesses to emulate the lead of Alfa and its team members.