Dogs found in poor shape, conditions

Source: Dola Tillery
Source: Dola Tillery
Source: Dola Tillery
Source: Dola Tillery
Source: Dola Tillery
Source: Dola Tillery
Source: Dola Tillery
Source: Dola Tillery

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AUTAUGA COUNTY, AL (WSFA) - Dola Tillery can't believe this could ever happen.

"No animal should have to be like this. Ever," she exclaimed.

Just yards from her back porch stands a cage.  Inside lay two pit bulls, appearing to be in bad shape.

"This isn't something that happens overnight, and I can't help but be horrified of the fact that I didn't see it sooner," Tillery explained.

Tillery gave the pets some food, called WSFA 12 News, and snapped some photographs.

The pictures show a muddy water bowl, chains, raw wounds, and a lack of food.

"They have all kinds of legions all over their bodies, and they're nothing but skin," Tillery described.

WSFA 12 News witnessed an Autauga County animal control officer speaking with a man, believed to be the dogs' owner.

We caught up with the officer as he left the house without the dogs.

"I talked with the man and informed him to get care on the animals," he explained.

"Is this just sort of a verbal warning at this point?" we asked.

"Pretty much. Yes," he answered.

What is the explanation for the conditions?  The officer tells WSFA 12 News the owner told him one dog suffered a snake bite.

"I'm not a vet, so I can't disclose their full condition," the officer said.

We offered the man identified to us as the dogs' owner a chance to talk, but he drove away without an explanation.

Now, the dogs remain in the cage. It's an unacceptable outcome for a concerned neighbor.

"They shouldn't be left here. They shouldn't be left here. There's nothing more to say other than that," Tillery explained.

The officer tells us he'll file a report and check back in on the situation.  We're told the dog's owner cleaned the cage after the confrontation.

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