Sheriffs Deputies led on wild chase through Dothan

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DOTHAN AL (WSFA) - A high speed chase through downtown Dothan ends the in the parking lot of a local restaurant.

Thursday afternoon, Houston County Sheriffs Deputies were attempting to stop Randall Mark Granger for drug violations.

However, the routine stop turned into a wild chase, and when it ended Steve White says it was chaotic.

"I was sitting there in a business meeting and all of a sudden everybody stood and everyone was going oh my god," says White, who caught the aftermath of the chase on tape.

Looking out the window of a Dothan restaurant White and the others watched as Houston County Sheriff's Deputies confronted a man inside a pickup truck.

"They were yelling at the guy trying to get him out of the truck of course he stalled for a few seconds, "says White.

Stalling, after what was the end of a lengthy chase through downtown Dothan.

The chase had begun on East Main Street when deputies approached Granger who they suspected of smoking pot.

Granger sped away and, according to officers, tried to run over a deputy sheriff as he fled.

"At first thought he was going to be compliant, but it was one on those situations he would have run either way," says Houston County Sheriff Andy Hughes.

The chase went on for more than two and a half miles through rush hour traffic before it ended in the waffle house parking lot.

"He picked a good spot he was trying to go back into a turn lane, and knocked him into the parking lot and ended it," explains Hughes.

Deputies reported finding a small amount of marijuana in granger's truck along with several items of women's clothing, underwear and wigs.

And catching it all on tape is still amazing for white.  "It's surreal it's like watching an episodes of cops," adds White.

A real life episode he won't soon forget.

Randall Granger is charged with attempted murder and is currently in the Houston County Jail under no bond.

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