Ga. man arrested for stealing, selling RINs

Sobrado Arnesto (Source: Henry Co. Sheriff's Office)
Sobrado Arnesto (Source: Henry Co. Sheriff's Office)

ABBEVILLE, AL (WSFA) - A Georgia man has been arrested for stealing and selling RINs.

What's a RIN? It's short for "renewable identification number".

The Henry County Sheriff's Office and Abbeville Police Task Force arrested 46-year-old Arnesto Sobrado of Cumming, Georgia for the crime, felony theft of property 1st degree.

RINs are mechanisms the Environmental Protection Agency created to ensure compliance with the first renewable fuels standards. A RIN is a unique, 38-digit serial number assigned by producers to each gallon or batch of renewable fuel produced.  An obligated party acquires RINs by blending renewable fuel, or it can purchase RINs to satisfy its requirements.

Co-owners of American Bio Fuel in Abbeville reported in July that a worker, Sobrado, was selling the numbers to another company, Paquin Energy & Fuel of Keller Texas.

Sobrado allegedly sold $54,915.00 of RINs to the Texas-based facility during a three-day span in June and July.

Sobrado was released from the Henry County Jail on a $5,000.00 bond.