Woodward's girlfriend gets prison time

Posted by: John Shryock - bio | email

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - A woman convicted of perjury in the Mario Woodward murder case learned her fate Friday. She'll get the maximum possible prison sentence.

Authorities say Keeva Funderburk, Woodward's girlfriend, lied under oath about who killed Montgomery police officer Keith Houts in 2006. Funderburk told authorities she overheard someone else say they did it.

The man she identified later appeared in court where he testified he couldn't have killed the officer. He was in prison when the shooting happened.

Montgomery County District Attorney Ellen Brooks asked for the maximum sentence, and Judge Charles Price granted her request.

"The reason I asked for the maximum sentence...." Brooks said, "is because I can't think of a case more serious, a lie more egregious than to say 'someone else committed a Capital Murder' than this one."

Brooks added, "If this one didn't deserve it, what other case would?"

Funderburk will spend the next three years behind bars for her actions, and will then spend time on probation.

Woodward was convicted of murdering Officer Houts as he approached the suspect's car during a traffic stop. A jury recommended life without parole, but a judge ordered him to death.

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