Auburn fans think positively as season begins

Posted by: Melissa McKinney - bio | email

AUBURN, AL (WSFA) - If the burgers and beverages don't give it away, the orange and blue and a few "war eagles" surely will.

It's the season opener for the Auburn Tigers and fans say it couldn't come soon enough.

"We're always anxious for that [football] to start," says Virginia Vinson.

But with a new season comes a new coach for the Tigers.  Many say they're ready to see what Coach Gene Chizik brings to the plains.

"I love Coach Chizik.  I love the staff that he's put together," says Sheri Alletag.

"He's a great coach.  When he was here on the defensive staff, he made us proud with that undefeated season.  So,  hey, I think Coach Chizik and the new staff's going to be great today."

Despite tough times at Iowa State and a 5-19 record in two seasons, many say Chizik's still the man for the job.

"I think he's got a good, strong foundation, and I think he's the person that will bring us back," says Vinson.

"I think he will be very successful," says Jim Sprayberry.

Still, some fans wish there had never been a change.

"I'm not really happy that they got rid of Tuberville.  Hopefully we can do good this year," says Jake Massey.

But regardless of the coach, the fans know there's only one outcome.

"I think we're going undefeated this year!" says Matt Hawkins.

"We're going to win!" adds Vinson.

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