Jobless rates high on this Labor Day

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - As we celebrate our nation's laborers the number of people "out" of work is higher than it's been in decades.

The jobless rate in Alabama is 10.2% even higher than the national average of 9.7%.

For many Labor Day is a great way to celebrate the unofficial end to summer whether it's, concerts, cook outs, or trips to the beach.

But the real reason for the holiday is to celebrate our workforce and unfortunately, there's not much to celebrate these days.

Nationwide, more than two million people have lost their job this year alone, more than 200,000 just in the last month.

"It's kind of sore right now because I'm unemployed and can't find a job right now," say Marilyn Knight, who's recently unemployed.

And even those who do have an income say "this" holiday they're cutting back.

"I'm not going to travel because funds are tight, gas is high and funds are low so I got to stay home, it's what I got to do," says Charles Frazier, a retired worker.

Still, at Montgomery's Jazz on the Grass plenty of people "are" celebrating and thankful they're still employed.

"It hasn't hit me that bad, everything is pretty much the same, thank god," says Jeanette Davis.

And the news "is" getting better economists say the recession is turning around and the number of new job losses is shrinking.

Two reasons why some say the recent bad news won't keep them down.

"It's tight for me too, and during these difficult times when things get tight, if it wasn't for god and that queen over there, my wife, I couldn't make it, I couldn't make it," adds Frazier.

The areas with the most jobless claims are in Alabama's black belt region with Wilcox County's unemployment rate at nearly 25%.

The lowest rate in our area is Coffee County with 8.6%.

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