County Road 12 - Birdhouses by Bill

Sometimes as our children get older, it may seem tough to stay involved in their lives.  Bill Perry always knew the day would come, as most fathers do...when his son wouldn't want to spend as much time with him. But because of a unique hobby, they stay connected. Debbie Williams caught up with them somewhere out along County Road 12.

"That's your basic birdhouse right there." Meet Bill Perry and his son Dow.  A father and son, with a common interest "Each one of them is individually unique simply because of the material it's made from." Birdhouses, each with it's on history. "Just like this board right here. This board came out of an old slave house down in Lowndesboro." "What's that Mars Venus thing every man has to have his cave. Well this is my cave I can come out here turn on the stereo, make something creative and reuse something. A little history preserved just kind of fun getting my mind off things." Dow has picked up on his father's hobby. "I just came to him and aske if he dould take a weekend and show me how to start using some of his saws and show me some of his secrets about making stuff." His Dad chimes in, "But yeah he's very talented he's got the desire to be an architect he's real good with his hands. He's a smart kid." But just like any good Dad he doesn't go overboard, "he's our only son, we were afraid to have another one." A couple of years ago they started building the houses together. "Probably a lot of them the only way you can tell the difference is the signature because we sign and date every one of them." Another way to be a part of each other's life. "It means a lot to me. It won't be long and he'll be gone and I'll have to go see him or whatever."

For Bill Perry, building a birdhouse is a lot like building a relationship with his son. It's about making sure the pieces fit and are strong. It can weather storms and keep you safe. And the door is always open.

In case you are wondering, the bluebird is Bill's favorite bird and the country church is his most requested birdhouse.