Gravity Hill

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Sylacauga, AL (WSFA) - Sir Isaac Newton's law of gravity said - What goes up must come down.   That's not the case in Sylacauga, Alabama.   The County Road 12 crew hit the road to Central Alabama, and the road became the story.    Just off busy highway 280 there's a narrow piece of pavement called Gravity Hill Road.    "It's odd, fascinating," said Sylacauga resident Rebecca Sayers.    She's lived on Gravity Hill Rd. for 30 years.

So what happens here?   Locals say when you drive down a hill and park at a stop sign right next to highway 280, if you put your car in neutral, you roll back up the hill.   So what's the deal?    "Some people think it's an optical illusion, but it's not,"   Sayers said.   "Something in the hills causes it."     Others have a different opinion.     "I think it is an optical illusion, but you hear a lot about magnetic fields and electric charges,"  said store owner Drew Merkel.

There's only one way to know for sure.   So we pulled the WSFA 12 Jeep down the hill, or up the hill depending on your viewpoint, and tried it ourselves.    Watch the video on this page to see what happened when we took on Gravity Hill.

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