Paving of Ross Clark Circle to begin soon

Posted by: Daniel Curtis - bio | email

DOTHAN, AL (WSFA) - Expect to see more paving work if you're driving on Dothan's eastside in the coming weeks.

Tuesday the city of Dothan approved the final resolutions partnering with the Alabama Department of Transportation they continue resurfacing work in the wiregrass.

Dr. JD Stembridge's animal hospital has been located on the Ross Clark Circle for 39 years and in that time traffic on Dothan's east has changed.

"There is getting a lot of traffic, especially in these turning lanes and places like that and in certain parts of day," says Dr. Stembridge.

With the increase in traffic and more wear on the roads...  the Alabama Department of Transportation is beginning resurfacing of the Ross Clark Circle.

"I think it needs it pretty bad," adds Dr. Stembridge.

The first phase will pave the circle from Traders Drive to U.S. 84 East.

"As this side develops now and more industry comes this way and more business I think we're seeing a lot more traffic," says Dr. Jack Sasser.

Eventually ALDOT will continue resurfacing of the circle from U.S. 84 East to U.S.231 South.

ALDOT will then resurface U.S. 231 South from the Ross Clark Circle to the Dothan city limits.

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