Gospel DJ is Making A Difference

Connye Bryant, better known as Connye B, at her position on the board.
Connye Bryant, better known as Connye B, at her position on the board.

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Tune into to Hallelujah 104.3 FM in Montgomery and you'll hear something like this.

"It's a beautiful Tuesday morning," Connye Bryant proclaims over the airwaves with a smile.

Connye Bryant, better known as Connye B commands the airwaves. 6 days a week, 4 hours a day, Connye B does her level best to inspire.

"We lift you up in prayer," she tells a listener.

Connye B also consoles and encourages listeners going through a personal storm to endure.

"I am more than blessed going through something  but I will praise God," a woman tells Connye B on the speakerphone.

A veteran broadcaster for than 20 years, Connye B says she felt the call long ago to do more than just talk about Gospel music on the radio, but the urge to help those down on their luck where their light is just a flicker.

Connye B remembers the day her faith and skills were tested.

"A man called and he began to cry and he said he was just tired and wanted to commit suicide. I said 'no, don't do that.' I called my pastor and shared his story and together we were able to get him some help," Connye B said.

Another example of Connye B's desire to go far beyond the microphone. Ronnie Patterson's sister died in January.

"For her to take time out of her busy schedule and come to my sister's funeral meant a lot to me. It's her spirit. There's a light about her," said Patterson.

A light born out of darkness.

"My father.. I loved him dearly. He was an alcoholic. That is a sickness. My father and mother fought a lot and we grew up around that. That did something to me and made me a strong female," said Connye B.

Every morning from 6 to 10 that strength is heard with an encouraging word or a listening ear. Connye B will be the first to admit there are times when she simply doesn't have an answer.

"So what do you do? Do you hang up on the people because my other lines are ringing? No because God didn't hang up on us," she said.

In addition to her morning show DJ duties, Bryant also handles radio traffic responsibilities for 104.3 FM.

At 43 Connye Bryant has no doubt she answered the call to get behind the mic.

"I'm just an old country girl from Clanton. Who would have thought but when God is for you things can happen," said Connye B.

An old country girl making a difference on the radio.

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