Wiregrass: Henry County gives raises to employees

Posted by: Melissa Johnson - bio | email

Henry County, AL (WSFA) - Most counties across the state are cutting back, thanks to budget shortfalls and a drop in revenue.

But Henry County is giving their employees a raise.

Shavonda White, a County Clerk, says she is very appreciative, especially in this economy.

Tuesday, County Commissioners approved next year's budget, which allows for a 2 ½% salary increase for Henry County employees.

White says she wasn't sure if the raise was going to pass, but she said, she's glad it went through.

Commission Chairperson Jo Ann Smith says the budget allowed for the raises thanks to the tight spending of each county department.

She says this year, they tried to educate each department, telling them, if it wasn't necessary, don't spend money on it.

And while folks are thankful they'll see an increase in their paychecks next year, they say it's not all a bed of roses.

With that raise, came an 11% increase in insurance premiums for those that have family coverage.

That increase adds up to around $81 extra a month per family for insurance.

The county absorbs $9, passing about $72 to the employee.

Smith says, "I know 2 ½% isn't that much, especially when they're having an increase in their insurance.  But as the old saying goes, every little bit helps."

And employees agree.  White says, they are fortunate, because most counties won't see a raise like they will.

That new budget goes into effect October 1st.