Editorial: Health Care Reform

More than half a million Alabamians don't have health insurance - a little more than one out of every ten of us.

We have more than a dozen health care providers in our state, although Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama insures nearly eight of every 10 of us who have insurance.

Giving a public option to the uninsured should not be created.

Universal coverage can be achieved through the private sector.

A public option will translate to government-run health care competing with and undermining the private sector.

Give us an option instead to shop for health insurance nationwide, not just within our state.

This competition will help drive down costs.

So will eliminating the need for doctors to run extra tests, practicing defensive medicine just to make sure they are lawsuit proof.

Simplifying billing and standardizing insurance reimbursement will eliminate bureaucratic expense.

Reforming what ails health care makes sense.

Adding a public health insurance option will only add to the ills.