Wiregrass: Ashford Police warn of an upsurge in counterfeit money

Posted by: Melissa Johnson - bio | email

Ashford, AL (WSFA) - A rash of counterfeit currency is popping up all over Houston County.

Ashford Police say they've seen several fake $20, even $100 bills in the last week.

U-Save Food Outlet has seen three in the last week.  Store Manager Joe Hodges says that's a lot for them.

Police say a few fake bills popped up a couple months ago, but they've seen an upsurge in the past week.

Chief Jim Stanley says counterfeiting technology has gotten so precise, it's hard to detect a counterfeit bill from a real bill.

He says, hold it up to the light, and ook for the security seal woven in on the left side.

While detecting bills is easy with the naked eye, Chief Stanley says most of the bills have been caught by a counterfeit pen; and you can purchase one at any local office supply store.

Manager Joe Hodges says he's made sure his cashiers know how to spot a fake bill, and that those detection markers are at every register.

Police are working with surrounding cities, as well as the secret service to find those responsible for the counterfeit currency.

There's not much you can do you if you happen to get a fake bill.

Police confiscate the counterfeits and you don't get your money back.

Call the Ashford Police Department at (334) 899-5113 if you spot any counterfeit money.