One Man Band

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Lowndes County, AL (WSFA) - His name is Willie "Sunny Boy" King.   His passion is the blues.  He's been playing for 65 years.   But for some reason playing in a band never really worked out.   Willie was always ready to rock, but he had a tough time finding reliable band members.    So he tried something different.    "I don't like playing unless I'm by myself," said King.

Now playing alone isn't unheard of but Willie is a quadruple threat.   He plays the guitar, harmonica, drums, and sings all at the same time.    He rigged up a device to hold his harmonica and his mic so his hands can strum the guitar and bang the drums.   It seems like he'd be worn out, but Willie is like the Energizer Bunny, he just keeps on going.     "I'm gonna play until I'm 102.   I ain't worth a penny but I'm still living."

A true talent, 4 musical abilities, 1 man.   When Willie "Sunny Boy" King plays he shines like the sun, and loves every minute of it.

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