Lingering rain causing frustration for wiregrass farmers

Posted by: Daniel Curtis - bio | email

HEADLAND, AL (WSFA) -  With all the rain we've seen you'd wouldn't think some would be saying it's been too much.

However a rainy April and may meant farmers planted some crops later than usual and now the abundance of rain is causing some headaches for wiregrass farmers.

Mother Nature is never easy to predict.  Usually a dry month September is proving to be a wet one which isn't a good thing for certain crops.

Farmers need drier weather as cotton matures that's why the lingering rain and cloudy skies isn't good thing.

"If this continues on the next two weeks we will it will become more extensive and damaging," says William Birdsong, agronomist for the Alabama Cooperative Extension System.

For other crops like peanuts the moisture could be a good thing.

"The moisture we've received has been beneficial to further the development of these peanuts," adds Birdsong.

While the extra moisture is causing some frustration for row crop farmers, it's a degree of optimism for cattle farmers as they prepare for the winter.

"This is the time of the year when they start planted winter annuals such as your rye, and oats for forage for cattle," says birdsong.

Birdsong says while the rain is good for some and bad for others when it comes to the weather you have to ready for just about anything.

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