Fatal hit and run witness comes forward

Orange paint markers show where Corey Harrison was struck and killed
Orange paint markers show where Corey Harrison was struck and killed

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Henry County, AL (WSFA) - Police say an eyewitness account is providing a clearer picture of what happened during the fatal hit-and-run Thursday morning.

Trooper Kevin Cooks said an 18 wheeler was involved, and that a witness saw the tractor trailer hit Corey Lee Harrison and stop for a moment before taking off.

That big rig and at least one other vehicle struck and ran over 19-year-old Corey Harrison along County Road 22, about 3 miles east of Headland.

Billy Hodges has lived on that same stretch of road for 50 years, and he knows how dangerous it can get at night.

He says, it's very dark because the only lights come from the houses along the road.

The vehicles that hit Harrison were driving down a hill, and with little to no visibility, paired with slick roads, drivers say it would have been difficult to see a pedestrian.

Hodges said, "Down there where it happened, you come over that hill doing 55 miles an hour, you could be on somebody before you know it."

But the big question, why would anyone be walking in the middle of the road at that hour?

Troopers say Harrison could have been intoxicated.  Cook says there was a heavy scent of alcohol at the scene.

But rewinding the clock, authorities say there's even more to the story.

Police in Kinsey say Harrison was involved in a single car accident not long before he was hit on County Rd. 22.

While Trooper Cook couldn't give many details because of a pending investigation, he did say that Harrison was driving the car, involved in that accident in Kinsey.

Authorities are trying to piece together the timeline of how Harrison ended up walking alone down County Road 22 and who's responsible for his death.

Now, they need your help.

Troopers are looking for a white 18-wheeler, with a closed box trailer.

If you have any information or know of a rig that travels that area between 10:30 p.m. and 1:30 a.m.,  you're asked to call State Troopers at 334-983-4587