Derailed train brings change in drivers' routes

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MARBURY, AL (WSFA) - Bulldozers and blue lights stoll by Larry Lawrence's home--some to block roads, others to clean up train cars piled on top of each other near his home.

Lawrence says noise around his house is nothing unusual especially with train tracks nearby.

"You hear 'em just about any time of the day."

But he says Saturday morning was a little different.

"I didn't hear anything when it happened," says Lawrence.

Authorities say a CSX train derailed around 3:00 Saturday morning on Autauga County Road 64.

Autauga County Sheriff's Deputies blocked the street allowing only construction and clean-up crews to pass through to the wreckage.

They believe heavy rain and flood waters may have washed out the railroad causing the train to come off the tracks.

Lawrence believes that's why he didn't hear it happen.

"The thunder and lightening was so loud and the rain was so heavy, I wouldn't have heard it probably when it happened."

Officials with the Sheriff's department say the train wasn't carrying any hazardous material, but rather dry goods like gravel.

"We have not been alerted by anybody that there's hazardous material, so there's no reason for the public to be worried at all," says Deputy Jay McMichael.

Deputies say County Road 64 will remain closed until crews deem it safe.

Authorities confirm no one was injured in the wreck.

CSX is investigating the incident.

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