Doggin' It at Work

Posted by: Judd Davis - bio | email

Jemison, AL (WSFA) -  Mim's Marine in Jemison is your pretty typical boat dealership.   They have all kinds of fishing boats, pontoon boats, and more.    The employees are hard working and friendly to deal with, but one of them is really lazy!    I mean he'll lay down on the show room floor and take a nap.   Just snoring and drooling all over the place!    But that's fine with the crew at Mim's Marine, JR has been doing this for the past 7 years.

JR is an English bulldog who pretty much runs the place.   "My husband got him for me as a gift," said JR's owner Kendra Hayes.     "When he doesn't get to come, he pouts."   JR usually hangs out at his favorite spot on the floor.  He has his own fan.   People come from all over to hang out with JR.   And when parents bring their kids to the boat shop, JR is like a built in baby sitter.      "He's got more friends than anyone here, and probably more sense," said shop owner Boonie Mims.

And JR and Mr. Mims share a pretty special bond.     "People say he looks like me, and then they'll and what a pretty dog he is."

Between naptime, lunchtime, naptime, playtime, and nap time, JR doesn't have time for much else.    One thing that might surprise you, this boat shop dog will have nothing to do with the water.       "He doesn't like the water at all, no lakes, pools,"   Hayes said.   "We put him on a boat and he was a nervous wreck."

He might be a little loopy on the water, but he's a whole lot of fun on land, JR the boat shop dog, taking life one nap at a time.

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