Thousands of needles found on playground

Needles found near a playground
Needles found near a playground

LONG ISLAND, NY (NBC) - A Long Island, New York school yard has become a crime scene after as many as two thousand hypodermic needles were found dumped near a rear entrance to the Hemlock Park elementary school.

Vials of blood, some with names on them, have apparently also been found.

A school spokesman says the hazardous material was left in several bio-hazard bags.

Suffolk County Police fingerprinted the material as nearby residents looked on in disgust.

"Whoever dumped that kind of stuff- they're sick,"  said Sal Ingroia, who lives near the school, as he looked at the school property cordoned off by police tape.

Police Sgt. Kevin Beyrer says a neighbor discovered the waste and called the school.

"It appears someone rifled through one of the hazardous waste bags and dumped needles on the ground," said Beyrer.

The material could have been stolen from a lab or hospital, police say.

Lot and serial numbers found on the waste are now being traced to determine the source of the material.