Rumor hits Montgomery Humane Society

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The Montgomery Humane Society says it will not close despite rumors that are rapidly spreading around town. Internet rumors that animals faced death as the facility's closure became imminent were also untrue.

Director Steven Tears says the shelter has been getting a lot of calls and emails from confused citizens. "Flattering" he said of the concerns, assuring folks that the shelter was doing fine. He did say help and adoptions were needed though.

The report that started the whole mess does involve the Humane Society of Montgomery County. However, it's the shelter in Montgomery County, Texas. No animals were put down in the closure either. All the animals at the shelter were adopted out over the weekend.

The capital city's humane shelter isn't the only one affected by the twisted internet report. Centers in places like Montgomery Township, NJ and the Montgomery County SPCA in Philadelphia, PA have also gotten headaches from the report.

If you would like to adopt an animal from the capital city's humane society, you can visit it any day of the week. It's located on John Overton Drive.

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