Sheriff now arrested after heated exchange

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HAYNEVILLE, AL (WSFA) - In what has become a law enforcement merry-go-round the sheriff of Lowndes County has been arrested. The arrest was confirmed by another sheriff, Kenny Harden of Butler County.

Harden says Lowndes County's law enforcement leader, Chip Williams, turned himself in Wednesday morning to face a harassment charge. He was later released on $500 bond.

Charges against Williams were filed by another lawman, Hayneville's Police Chief Kelvin Mitchell.

Mitchell, himself, was arrested and booked in Butler County Tuesday. The charges, menacing and harassment, were brought by Sheriff Williams. He was released a short time later.

Williams accused Mitchell of threatening him and pulling a gun on him during a recent task force meeting at the Butler County Courthouse.

"Chief Mitchell started getting loud, and at that time, I told him, 'Chief, you have no reason to holler at me,'" Williams explained.

The shouts escalated.  Williams says Mitchell reached for his gun.

"He jumped up to his feet, pointed and made a grab toward his weapon," Williams described.

Chief Mitchell denies it happened, but he admits he did make a threat.

"I told him that I would put a hole in him, and that I was not Walter Hill, the previous guy he had an ordeal with," Mitchell explained.

Soon after Mitchell's arrest Tuesday, he signed a warrant on Sheriff Williams, claiming harassment during the same ordeal.

"I told him that I would put a hole in him, and he said if I did, I would die," Mitchell explained.

"Every bit of it is a lie and fabricated, Williams responded.

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