Butler County plant purchased

A significant economic development announcement in Butler County Thursday.  The old Chapman Forest plant has a buyer.  Chapman Forest Products closed back in March, and now less than six months later, there is a promise of economic hope.

The applause in the room welcomed new life into what many thought was a dying a community.  The economy forced Chapman Forest Products in Butler County to close, leaving more than 260 people without jobs.  "A lot of these people have been there for a number of years," explained Butler County Commissioner Jessie McWilliams.  Hopefully some will return thanks to Coastal Forest Resources.  It's purchased the Chapman plant and promises to put people back to work.  "With the economy like it is, it's just a blessing for a Butler County.  With the holidays coming up people have hope for jobs," says McWilliams.  "It's a God sent to Butler County.  This mill's been here for a long time and to get not just a company, but a good sound company, good family company like Coastal, we're so proud," says Commissioner Ricky McClaney.

Coastal Forest Resource is a family owned business.  In fact, it's family ties that brought the company to Butler County.  When the Chapman plant closed in March, Coastal officials immediately started talks to buy Chapman.  Coastal officials say they plan to invest heavily into it's workers and the community.

Initially, Coastal officials will make a $10 million investment in the plant.  Another $10 million investment is expected in the next two to three years.