County Road 12 - "Hippy" the Snake Handler

There is a certain "ick" factor when it comes to talking about snakes and other creepy-crawlys. But for one local man, it is a way of life. Debbie Williams caught up with Montgomery's own snake charmer, somewhere out along County Road 12.

"He don't like this." We begin our story, "He's not going to pull back very hard," with the age old question, how do you give a snake a shot? "He's pulling back pretty good right now." Well, it may not be age-old, but it's still pretty interesting. "Okay, okay, okay, you want to take him? Alrighty, you got him? There you go boy."

His name is Kenny Williams, but you can call him "Hippy". "I got tagged with that by my cousins and through the years it's stuck. Me, I'm former navy, ran the roads for years as a wild child, stayed in trouble a lot." So it seems only right he would partner up with the trouble-maker of the animal world. "The only thing I can figure is that it goes slap on back to the biblical days where it says God condemned them and people would fear them and throughout history, that's been the case." Snakes and other reptiles have been a constant in his life. "I know 30 years I've been fooling with 'em. But my mom and dad said it's been as long as I was able to run one down and grab it, I've been fooling with 'em." Just like you or I have affection for something warm and fuzzy for "Hippy" it's always been snakes. "I have had snakes that would come to you wanting attention,. I've got the big lizard over there. She'll definitely come too you wanting attention, sure they do they just have different ways of showing it." Although he has been wrong on occasion. "Five or six poisonous bites. Rattlesnakes, water moccasins, things like that I get latched onto quite regular that ain't nothing." Hippy is a state licensed snake handler and when he isn't rescuing snakes he trying to teach people there is such a thing as a good snake. "Some people say the only good one is a dead one or one you put on your feet. But these are the ones people need to really need to leave alone and let them go about their business." As long as they don't, he'll keep doing this, and loving every minute of it.